The Schmidgall Clan

This house has seen a LOT of love.
This is Ron and Jane - They raised their 3 boys in this house.

How cute are THEY?
You might remember Broderick.
He was over having his picture taken by this point, but we had already taken a lot!  This is all their Grandkids in order from Oldest to Fastest, I mean Youngest.

Brad mentioned he had recently seen Zoolander.

Ron and Jane are actually leaving this house, but no worries, they aren't going far. AND they sold this house to their son Aaron, so it's still in the family! I might be weird but I form sentimental attachments to things like houses and cars, so I thought this was really neat.

My Fav

Thanks Schmidgalls! I had fun and you all made my job EASY!  Best of Luck to Brad and Megan with their big move and we look forward to your visits!  


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