Let's get personal

Ok - so long story short:
I went to the Free to Succeed Tour with Jasmine Star and David Jay, last Monday in Kansas City. It was Awesome - I learned some, and got the pep talk I was needing.  A lot of the information was great - some of it did not apply. (The idea of charging $10k per wedding, for example.)  But I was glad I went and will most likely be incorporating 80% of what I heard into my business.

That being said, the first thing I need to do is K.I.R. = Keep It Real.  My blog should be about ME, not just my photography.  It actually started out about me, and I was fine with that when I knew of 3-4 friends who were reading it.  But once a few more people took interest I decided that the 'ME' part of the blog wasn't professional enough to display.  

I'm over that now.

So, in an effort to let you, internet, get to know me better I am making a list of future posts, a sort of 'preview to Shaina' if you will. I am also going to post a few random facts about myself so you can get a jump start on knowing me.  I promise to warn you if it's going to be gross or otherwise "unprofessional".

Random Facts First:
1. I am the oldest of 3 girls, and 1 (much younger) step-brother, who I never lived with. So my current living situation (me and my 3 guys) was an adjustment.  Is. IS an adjustment.
2. My parents divorced when I was 16.  It's something I have to share about later this year, and I'm nervous about that.
3. I have been married (to my SWEET HEART of a Husband) for 6.5 years and we have 2 sons - 3 years and 1 year.  Every year for Christmas I ask for a straitjacket for one of them.
4. I hate exercise, but I run, and can run 3.5 miles at this point.  I used to compete in High school - went to State in Track and Cross country.
5. I despise cold weather. And doing dishes. 

Future posts: (feel free to add more ideas in the comments below)
1. My favorite things, such as color, foods, places, time of day, books, activities
2. More things I hate: laundry, rodents, and snow/ice.
3. How I met my husband
4. The drama of both my deliveries
5. My dreams for my business
6. Periodic "Tackle it Tuesdays" - a idea I stole from 5 minutes for Mom which I REALLY need to start doing.
7. My Loathing for Potty-training and how I would PAY SOMEONE to do it for me.

If you have anything you want to know, ask it.  I'm pushing myself to be more open than normal, or at least that's the plan.

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Lion Dusti said...

I know I will enjoy a mix of both you and your work. :-) You're doing fabulous!