The end of an Era

So I cried (just a glistening tear.. or two) today as we said goodbye to an inanimate object. Stupid - I know. Chad's {formerly Fabulous} Camaro, went to live with another family today.  We all 4 came outside to wave goodbye to "dad's bwack car".  I think Cael might have ridden in it once, Ky never got to, as it wasn't running at all in the past year.

The Camaro was the first car Chad ever bought.  It was his dream car.  The 1992 (25th anniversary edition) camaro was his first step towards manhood - he was 17 years old.   Almost immediately his little (still-learning-to-drive) sister accidently backed another car up onto the front of it.  He forgave her, eventually.  Fast forward 2 years to my Senior year of High School, and I remember hearing from a friend about 'this guy who sings lead in the band at church' and his 'SWEEEEET car.'   This was the picture she showed me (he was HER boyfriend at the time).
I think I'm sad about it because it is such a part of our history, as a couple.  I was car-less when we met, and so Chad became my ride home.  The first time he ever took me home I spilled my guts to him - and I don't spill my guts to anyone.  It was very unusual - must have been the car. :)  We made out it that car.  He tried to teach me to drive it (stick shift) - and I almost got us killed.  He got mad (might have cussed even - not sure) but on we went.  That car was with us in Louisville at college - I could always tell when he was in the neighborhood - big 305 engine (blah blah cylinders, or whatever) - it was loud and I loved it.  So did he.
I've talked him out of selling it probably 10 times in our relationship.  Random people approaching the house, leaving their number, just in case he wants to sell it.  And do you know what he did?  

He gave it away - traded it actually - all for me.  

Ever since we've had kids I wanted a van - and we bought one recently, that needed a little work.  We found a VERY nice man who would do the work, but we were going to put it off because of the cost. UNTIL, that is, that very nice man suggested that we could repay him with, none other than, Chad's Camaro.  So we agreed, and today he came to pick it up.  He's going to work on it, fix it up.  Might even paint the purple racing stripes or flames onto it that Chad always wanted.  And he said we'll have the option to buy it back, when he's done with it. So at least it's a happy ending. 


Brad, Ashley, and Emma said...

awww... after i seperated my shoulder i rode in that car screaming to the hospital.


Lion Dusti said...

What a nice hubby! I know I am still a little attached to the Fiero Jermie drove when we met, started dating and got married. I remember being a senior in high school on the bus riding into Toronto and I look over the parkinglot of his uncle's house and see that little car and I knew it was his and that he was there - even though I'd never seen his car before and it was his first surprise visit... He sold it while I was in college and I'm sure he's been a little sad about it ever since. :-) Ah, isn't it great becomming adults?

Lion Dusti said...

P.S. you'll have to post pictures of the mamma van soon!

Sarah said...

It's gone? I am a bit sad for you both! Love you guys!