A Blog a day....

Keeps the commenters away??  NOT what I am looking for. Either my Google analytics is broken or NO ONE has been on my page for  a week (which I happen to know is not true.)  Still - the more comments the merrier, right? So leave a girl some blog love already! Just your name would be great.  You don't even have to have an opinion.

Random Fun Fact of the day:  I'm allergic to commercials - I cannot stand to watch a commercial, if I have control of 'the box' (read: remote).  As soon as it goes to commercial I change it.  Chad would say it's the ADHD in me, and he might be right.  I know it drives him crazy.  Now that we have upgraded to 'real cable' (the one that goes PAST the weather channel) you would think we would have so many more channels to watch together.  It's actually quite the opposite.  He has about 6 new channels he loves (UFC has been on CONSTANTLY, and is rapidly moving from 'eh' to 'ewww' on my list.)  I also have 5 or so channels that I would enjoy browsing through.  Guess how many of those choices overlap.  That's right: not a single one.  We now are facing our 'movie dilemma' on a daily basis!!  (His vs. Hers)  *sigh*  

The only good thing is Playhouse Disney.  Seriously, Cael wouldn't know half of what he does if it weren't for all the educational cartoons he loves.  He looked out our hotel window last week on vacation and shouted:

 "Look Mom!! It's the Hanesi River!!" 
Me: ?? 
"It's where the Great Sphinx is!"  

He didn't learn that from me.  I had to google it just so I could blog about it.



Sarah said...

Shoot girl you never updated much so some probably don't check your blog too often. Now that I know you will be updating more I will stop by.

I bet he learned that on little Einsteins. Taylor loves that show.

chad said...

Here is some love for you babe!!!

Lion Dusti said...

I check your blog *a lot* and even come to look at your pictures over and over. :-) Will comment more so you know I'm here!