Not me! Monday - the Not me's are mounting

If only I could remember them all. Oh, before I forget, this blog carnival was set up by MckMama - you know the drill. If you don't know it by now, just read the other NmM posts...

1. Whilst showering a few days ago, I leaned my head out of the curtain to kiss my husband goodbye. As it was not a particularly romantic kiss I happened to have my eyes open and did not see his 'kiss face' distort and then pull away before actually kissing me. He did not then say, "Um - you've got a booger on your lip. We'll kiss later..." and duck out. Awesome.

2. Earlier tonight my sweetie pie, Kyran, told me to close my eyes so he could kiss them. I was not shocked and grossed out when a second later he LICKED my eye instead of kissing it. My kids would never. Eeeww...

3. While out shopping/standing in line with all the crazies on Black Friday I did not find myself channeling my grandmother and GLARING at a couple who cut in front of my bestie while I was grabbing a store flyer. I did manage to bite my tongue, and thankfully so, since my friend later told me that they had in fact not cut in front of her, but that the lady who WAS in front of her had just moved in front of them. Oops... Just call me Faye.

4. I have not had MULTIPLE occasions this week to apologize to visitors to our home because of our mostly unclothed children. It has not gotten so bad that our small group practically expects it. In fact one night when they were over, our 4-yo did not emerge from the bathroom wearing only a t-shirt, requesting someone to come wipe his bottom. That would never happen here. *shrugs*

5. Finally, while driving this week, I did not make a speedier-than-normal turn which did not prompt the following responses from the peanut gallery in the back: "Whoa! Dat was so cool mom! Dat was like a race car! Faster!! FASTER!!"

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paige said...

HAHAHAHAHA. oh my word. i seriously kept laughing out loud at this! i about peed my pants at the booger-lip one.

oh, shaina. you should definitely post more. and how is church stuff going?

Tavis and Tiffany said...


I'm laughing out loud as I read these to Tavis. Hilarious. We miss you guys. I wish you had been doing photography when we got married. You could have sold me my dress, coordinated the event, AND photographed it. Seriously, your pictures are beautiful!

Tiffany McNair