Not me! Monday

Welcome to Not me Monday - this blog carnival was set up by MckMama. Head on over and check what she's not been doing when you're done here.

This SO did not happen: While out shopping with my children this weekend I was not ignoring Kyran in the cart I was pushing. I was talking with my sister when all of a sudden Kyran did not reach both hands in front of him, grab eh'hem two handfuls and squeeze. Mortified and shocked I did not react by smacking both of his hands down, resulting in a broken-hearted boy. My sister did not almost melt into a puddle from laughing hysterically.

At a restaurant yesterday during lunch I was not secretly grateful for the very naughty child in the next booth who cried so loud for so LONG that when they left the people across from us praised my (still rowdy, overly-talkative) children.

So, what did you not do this week?

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