Not me! Monday

Welcome to Not me! Monday - a blog carnival set up by MckMama. Head on over to visit her and see what everyone else has NOT been up to this week.

- While viewing a house last week I did not almost BEAT A CAT WITH MY SHOE because it tried to attack me and my children. Stupid cat. Seriously - demon possessed.

- I did not make a batch of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough to keep in the fridge for this week. I'm not eating a spoonful right now either.

- I did not let my kids stay up until almost 10:30 tonight. Nor did I put them to bed with dirty feet, because I didn't want to deal with the drama of bath time. I'm not that lazy.

- I did not accidently leave the garage door open (with the door into the house unlocked) for about 30 minutes while I went grocery shopping the other day. Consequently, I did not take a butcher knife and go through the house room by room to check for homeless men and/or creepers who may have snuck in, all while on the phone with my mom, just in case.

- Finally, Cael did not call me into the bathroom this last week as excited as Christmas morning proclaiming to me "Mom!! I just had the BIGGEST Poop in the WHOLE WORLD!" He did not then proceed to drag Chad in there to examine the characteristics of said ... eh hem... accomplishment?!?

Ok - enough for me. Leave me a comment letting me know what you didn't do this week! ;-)

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Lion Dusti said...

You and your boys - too funny! Hope we get together soon... :-)

Bethany said...

Can NOT tell you how many times I have gone through the house with a butcher knife checking for "monsters" when I have left a door unlocked while Matt was out of town. I sooooo understand!!