Sharing is Caring

Every mother wants thoughtful and considerate children. I am no exception. So today, when I doled out 1 cookie to each child I was interested in what would happen next. Cael had seen that the plate held 3 cookies total, before being passed to him and his brother.

I thought about his sweet, tender, 4-year-old heart - imagining him being the only child to stand up for the underdog, someday at school. Exuding wisdom and kindness beyond his years. Teaching the other children to put others before themselves, even at his young age. Undoubtedly he will be a peace-loving, yet popular, child...


"Yes Sweetie..."

"Does that plate still have one more cookie on it?"

"Yes it does."

"When we are done with these cookies and you split it in half for Kyran and me?"

"Well, what if that cookie was for Mommy?"

*thoughtful pause*

"Okay! We can split it into three ways then!"

Then again, perhaps he will be an opportunistic, shrewd businessman... :-)

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Lion Dusti said...

Funny! He is smart, that's for sure!!