(sort of) Not me! Monday - once upon a time

I don't think I've ever told this story here, but if so - too bad.

In the absence of a list of NmM items, I am entering an interesting, albeit embarrassing, tale. I used to drive a super cute little (3 door) Saturn. It was darling and zippy. I got a new CD player to replace the one that had been stolen out of it. It was nice - even had a remote. (What's that for anyway? Like we're too lazy to LEAN forward to turn it up? Don't get me started...)

So, I had this new system for about a week when the weirdness started. One day, driving along, minding my own business, when something darts in front of me and I SLAM on my brakes - AND SUDDENLY THE VOLUME JUMPS ALL THE WAY UP TO THE TOP. Freaks me out and I turn it down, looking at it warily. Weird. I finish my errands, without further incident, trying to figure out the connection between the brakes and Volume...

The next time I get in it, the volume is normal. Backed out, started driving, carefully braked at the stop sign and nothing... I shrug, decide it was a fluke and proceed to turn left.... and there it went again, volume MAXED OUT!! I turn it back down. "Ok ,there must be an electrical short. That explains things. I need Chad to look at this." So I call him - explain that I'm coming by and he needs to check the electrical pathways. He checks. Nothing. He also mentions that I'm crazy. Which I'm not. Wasn't. Whatever.

The next day I try again - everything works great, until I try to stop, OR turn left. But if I brake at a normal pace, or turn left AT ALL, the VOLUME SHOOTS UP, even as I am turning it down it keeps escalating! Now I know what's wrong. There's really only one possible solution. The car is possessed. I mean really - what else could it be? The radio clearly hates it when I turn left or stop. EVERY TIME. And I drove all day like that. I was bothered to say the least.

So, having solved the mystery I call Chad again and explain about the demon possessed car. He does not believe me (odd, right?) and insists to drive it this time. He gets in, we drive around the block and voila, it happens.

Me: "See?!?!"
Chad: "That is weird. But it's not possessed."
Me: "Oh really? Well, what's your diagnosis then?"
Chad: (...Digs around in between the seat and the console...)
Me: (...rolls eyes...)
Chad: "Aha!!" (pulls that stupid remote out and holds it up triumphantly)
Me: "Hmmh. Oh yeah - I forgot about that thing."
Chad: "Here" (hands it to me) "is your demon. Every time your weight shifted to the right, your butt pressed the button and turned it up. Must have been pointed right at the CD player."
Me: (Indignant stare) "Well, at least it's not possessed!"
Chad: (rolls eyes)

PS - that was so NOT me. :-)

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Katie said...

That's too funny! Cute story :)

Lion Dusti said...

Ha ha! Don't you hate it when you reveal to your husband what a complete goof he married? Well, I know I do!

Nancy Evans said...

Hilarious! You need to tell this story to the Saturn Corp.