Big leaps

So, sometime in December I had taken these pictures of the boys during a day that we were lounging around the house.  They had taken to climbing onto the couch and trying to jump off the end!  They were completely timid at first, but then Daddy went and sat at the foot of the couch, on the end they were jumping/falling from.  Suddenly they could not fail!  They took a couple of 'running steps' and then leapt from the couch - and for a second they were hanging in mid-air!  Such a rush for them - you could see the joy all over their faces!  Then, just as quickly, they fell into the open arms of their Daddy, who was waiting with a big smile and "Good job Buddy!" for their efforts.  And so it continued, over and over - they kept leaping as long as Daddy was sitting there.  They wanted to jump, because they knew he would catch them, so it was fun....

Now, why didn't I blog those pictures when I took them?  Because the symbolism struck me and I wanted to save them for this post.  The post in which I mention our next big leap.  (It's fitting - their little leaps off the couch was symbolic of our next step into the unknown.)  

*deep breath* 

God has been calling us to plant a church.  In Wichita.  And we are going.  We are leaving, to do just that. {begin flood of mixed emotions. again.}  We are leaving our church - our steady paycheck.  We are leaving our church family, our Iowa family - who might as well be blood.  We are leaving our friends.  We are leaving the home we brought our children to and have raised them in up to now.  We are leaving everything that we have that is steady, at a time in our country's history that is decidedly unsteady.  We are on the edge of the couch, looking for the Arms that we know will catch us.  

"But, Shaina - aren't you excited?"  Yes - but I go back and forth.  I have a hard time focusing on more than one emotion at a time, so during this transition, I definitely feel the sadness.  There are SO many great things about moving 'back home', not the least of which is anticipating the great things God is going to do there!  Like going over to my mom's house on a Tuesday because I can.  Or picking vegetables at my Dad's house, and having him take the boys fishing (all 3! right Babe? :-)  Late night hang out's with the in-laws, 25 stories above the city.  My sister getting to babysit.  Going to the Zoo with Kris.  So many things to look forward to.... and so many to miss here.

No worries - I'll get there.  I am there.  I know God has a plan for us.  

I just hope I can let go long enough to enjoy hanging in mid-air......

Wichita Kansas Photographer | Shaina Pearce Photography


Angela said...

How exciting! But I can completely relate to the anxiety of the unknown. I'll be praying for you and your family, and can't wait to hear what amazing things God has in store for your ministry! And what beautiful symbolism in your pics. Love it!!

buttercup said...

love you guys = ) Leaps of faith are exciting, fearful, sad, happy, challenging, and exhilarating! Praying for God to reveal His bigness to you in countless ways

Lion Dusti said...

I'm over the moon about having you guys closer, and really excited for your leap of faith. I have so much confidence in you two and I really feel like you will do well and will be abundantly blessed. I heard the Green Day song "Revelation" and thought of you guys. God's will can be pretty exciting and I'm super excited for you!