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So I've made a decision.  (I just spelled decision wrong - how sad is that?)

I'm not going to do NmM for awhile - but instead will occasionally hold a confession time here on this blog.  I figure, as long as I'm admitting to it, I might as well own up.  So here goes.

Introducing the first EVER "My bad" episode.  Ok, the name is lame, but I don't have a lot of time these days.  Suggestions welcome.  I've got more than 3 entries, but no time to add them.
I'll update later.

1. While visiting my VERY FAVORITE place in the whole world a few weeks back,  I managedto  ask for an application.  After all - they MIGHT need more help. Someday. Maybe?  And I don't care if I become the most famous photographer in the entire US, I'd still work for them.  Anyways, that's not the point.  The point is that I asked for an application then walked out without paying for my gelato.  GREAT impression, Shaina.  In our defense, it was quite busy, the boys were climbing up my legs to get to it, AND the girl said "Go eat then come back and pay."  Thus, stolen Gelato.  Oops!  I sheepishly went back the next morning, apologized for the goof and then handed over my application.  They haven't called yet, but I'm sure they will....

2. I have been doing taxes this week and it's... well.... I don't want to talk about it, ok?  Let's just say that my 'get organized' resolution is still desperately necessary.  

3. I drove 8 hours one way to get my hair done.  It was SO bad I had been doing a comb-over a la Donald Trump.  Oh yes.  I was quite lopsided....

PLEASE feel free to add your own confessions to the comments. :-)

Stay tuned for a couple of eventful blog posts.  One about my first ever KISS album and one about a BIG announcement. :-)

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