Update on the NYR's

Day three with no pop: 
  • I miss it. 
  • I have subconsciously gone to get a can 2 or 3 times, forgetting that I'm not supposed to drink it.
  • I have replaced it with sweet tea, which *I realize* is no better, sugar-wise, but seriouslypeople - I can't just jump on the wagon and hang on for dear life.  I need a seatbelt.  
Day 2 of no TV:
  • I miss it.  I want to watch the news.  And an old movie.  And TMZ.  To cope I have checked the weather multiple times on my laptop, and have added TMZ.com to my favorites bar.
  • The boys seem fine without it.  We have started having "centers" again, which is good.  They are fighting about the same amount as before. 
  • Chad has been very supportive, but did inform me today that he 'needs' to see certain football games, so he might have to go to Drew's house more now.  
Day 2 of being more organized:
  • The No TV is helping this, as I feel like having the boys do centers IS organization.  It takes forethought and planning, and a timer, and lots of bins.... Sounds like 'organizing' to me.  
  • I have walked near to my mounds of paperwork for 2008, but have not dared touch them yet.  And I got a charming little letter from my wonderful accountant, hoping to see me soon.  So I need to get my butt in gear with that one.  Maybe Monday...


Tiffany said...

Good for you on your 3rd day w/o pop! That has to be sooo hard!! I'm a sweet tea lover myself so I say it's a completely acceptable substitute. It might actually bridge you away from pop as it is easier to ween off of than soda. Well, maybe that's because I can't seem to find sweet tea here in the NW. Aww heck, nevermind then! Drink up, girlie!

So glad you entered the contest. Best of luck!!!

Tiff in Washington...for now

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

You are a brave, brave women. No soda and no TV...I'm shaking just thinking about it.
Coke Zero is my indulgence. I tell myself it's okay because I usually drink while my 2 boys are napping. I actually get headaches from caffeine withdrawals if I miss my one soda a day.
My boys are 2 and 3 so I'll be checking back to see how you are going with no TV. Good luck!