Not me! Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

This week I did NOT eat Chocolate cake straight from the platter, on multiple occasions.  I also do not hide in the kitchen, [around the corner... by the back door] when eating it so that I don't have to share.  

We did not have a repeat incident of Kyran's hands going into a toilet, while with a babysitter.  

After having a conversation with a friend about what to do with one's *eh'hem* unmentionables when you dispose of them, I did NOT hide my undies from trash men inside a box. 

Had you been a fly on my wall this week, you would not have caught me trying to Belly dance along with the trim instructors of Fit TV.  This was, as you could imagine, a beautiful sight, not at all clumsy or weird, especially with Spidey-Cael running around me flinging webs, and the book thrower trying to trip me up....  I did not try to give it a go two days later, this time in front of a mirror.  Obviously I'm a natural and would not have to be embarrassed by my beginners moves, running from the mirror almost immediately. I did not yell the phrase "Leave Mommy's pants alone! Mommy is trying to work out!!"  I mean, why wouldn't I watch Fit TV all day?  Seriously.  

Speaking of the TV, I did not get sucked into One Tree Hill two mornings last week, so much so that I decided to look for old seasons on DVD when I went to Target.  I am a mature, adult woman, who does not thrive on the angst of pretend 20-somethings 'will they, won't they' relationships.  And, despite what you may have heard, I have never had a thing for Dawson's Creek either.  (Joey + Pacey Forever!!) 

Having a particularly hormonal week: I did not have a complete and total meltdown after reading about a mom who makes her own tortillas and pizza crust. Who knows what soy lechitin is? Anyone?  My husband did not have to ground me from reading the 'supermom' blogs for the rest of that day because I was upset with myself for not making whole wheat bread or for meal planning a month ahead.  I did not make whole wheat bread later that day.

Time to go for more Fit TV...


Mike and Katie said...

Please re-enter your link name with a space. SP Photography



paige said...

how did the bread turn out? i have an awesome (and super easy) recipe for honey wheat bread if you want it.