Blog slacker

Oh, yes - 

I haven't posted all week, though I have sat down to do so about 4 times.  I managed to sneak downstairs this morning without waking anyone, so I have a few minutes to give an update on the NYR's:

No TV: Ha!  Well, we are still fasting from TV that we like....  And we are watching less TV than before.  But, I have turned it on during nap time this week, twice, in an attempt to get the Larryboy theme song out of my head.  Not that there's anything to watch. *hint: come back for Nm!M and I'll tell you what I didn't watch.*  The boys still watch at least one movie everyday (though many of their movies are 45 minutes long).  It's better, but not perfect.

No Pop:  This one has been perfect, and by that I mean I haven't caved, though I have come close.  Very close.  My scale hates me.  And if I haven't lost any weight in this whole month-of-NO-Pop, by the time it's over, I am going to start drinking it again, if only on the weekends.   I need my pacifier, and if I'm not reaping the benefits along my waistline, then what's the point??  *pouts* And seriously, don't say anything about the dang Sweet Tea - I barely drink any, and have gone more than one day without a glass of it.  I used it to get me through the first 10 days or so.  I cannot go cold turkey.

More organized: The pantry is MUCH more organized, now.  And, I have had Chad take a TON of stuff to the Salvation Army.  I like to purge the house.  I call it reverse shopping.  I get the same endorphin release from getting junk OUT that I normally get from bringing new stuff in!  I have TUBS full of clothes that I have been saying for a few months now, that I would put on ebay, but, I might just donate those too.  It's a lot less work to donate than it is to sell....  Anywho - I guess I'm doing pretty good on this one.   

So, there you have it, friends.   If I can do it, anyone can. :-)


Lion Dusti said...

We should work out something in the way of donating some clothes to Winfield, Ks. I could getchya an exact address, too! :-) I'm about to have to buy Ashton some 6-9 month clothes, don't know why i didn't keep more of Gabe's? Interested?

Sarah said...

I have missed you, although I have not posted since January 8. I have also sat down 4 times this week, however, I have deleted 3 posts. I believe you are the only one who reads my blog. Well, the only commenter anyway.... Poor me. *pouts*

I say donate.... Or have a clothing exchange at MOPS or something.

Kelley said...

Hiding while eating chocolate is the best. Have done it my self a time or too. I think its the chocolate and the adrenalin from hiding... its a rush. ( Plus really, who needs more dishes to clean? )

Have a great week!