Not me! Monday

Time again for Not me! Monday
 - confessions of a SAHM, who has it all together, all the time.

I did not skip my shower today, AND stay home from church because I had company.  This did not lead to my wearing, what I like to call, the 'bandana of shame' to small group tonight.

Tonight was not the first time in a week I had put on make-up. (That would be sad, wouldn't it?)  I shower each, and everyday AND do my hair AND make-up even if I'm just staying home.  Because I have lots of time to myself and besides, I am never, ever worried that, were I to leave and take a shower, that one or both children would be missing by the time I got done.

 I did not accidently discover 12 channels or so still on our TV Saturday morning???  I will not admit that I seriously debated (for real - for like 5 minutes) about telling my husband because 1 of the 12 channels was the SPEED channel, and I was afraid he would start watching Pinks every night.... I also didn't get a little flutter in my heart when I saw Diego for a second, only to be disappointed when he opened his mouth and only spoke spanish, except when he was teaching "Uno, One" to the audience.  

Speaking of the wretched box: I also will not admit to loving Kung Fu Panda.  Yeah.... cause, I don't miss TV. Still.

My mom came for the weekend to help me tackle my pantry, which probably hadn't been cleaned WELL since Cael was born I clean religiously, just like everything else around here.  I was not completely appalled and embarrassed by the DISGUSTING grossness that was the floor of said pantry.  It did not take us ALL DAY LONG to clean it. I did not then make a joke to my husband about a semi-neat-freak friend (eh'hem, who needs to start her own blog) that could now, come over and eat off the floor, if she was so inclined.

Nor was I disgusted by the various books, toys, trash, pens, socks and pieces of food that were seeking refuge beneath my couches.  It's gross and repulsive to NOT MOVE your couches for months at a time, and I would never do that.  


Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

I hate tackling big projects like the pantry...you never know what you might find!
And for the record, I do NOT secretly like Kung Fu Panda too!

Sarah said...

WOW big cleaning projects suck, but you feel so much better when they are done. Good job for just doing it!

The Other K Wick said...

Cute blog. I also NEVER go without showering or putting on make-up. WHo does that?

ben and erin said...

i can't believe you didn't shower or do your hair or put on makeup even if you were gonna stay home all day... i would NEVER do that!! :-)

BlogBaby said...

Ah yes, I have a hat of shame that my BabyMama makes me wear when she hasn't given me a bath in forever.

I mean....um...never mind, my BabyMama would NEVER leave her child with peanut butter in her hair, she would immediately drop everything and clean me up, yup always.


E said...

My 9 year old daughter got new furniture this week, so while cleaning out her 'old' dresser, I did not find many already worn socks and panties! That would just be gross, right? I do not feel your pain because my house is perfect and always clean. NOT!!!

Anonymous said...

The couch moving....oh man, let's not go there. :)

Prachar family said...

I did not take my kids to school after rolling out of bed 4/5 days this week as well!! You can read my list at www.pracharfamily.blogspot.com. I could so relate to your cleaning part of your post as well. I recently compiled my cleaning/organizing system and packaged it for others to use as well. Its perfect for the busy mom who can't remember when the pantry was last cleaned out or the ceiling fans dusted. You can check it out at www.springcleanyearround.blogspot.com I would love to hear what you think! I am just getting started with this and would love for it to bless others as it has me!