Serving = Joy

Forgive me, please - I have not gotten to the pictures.  I had a wonderful time tonight, serving a friend who needs an extra hand while her 3 kids 3 and under are, well under.  My dear friend Tricia, had a fabulous idea a few weeks back, to gather some gals and go clean this house.  Genius, I tell you.  What is it about cleaning someone else's toilet that makes it less gross than cleaning your own?  My sister comes to my house once every 2 years or so, and when she comes, she ALWAYS cleans out my fridge.  Guess who cleans out her fridge. (hint: not her. and not me.)  Food for thought, I guess.  If you're wondering what to do with your life, or you're looking for meaning, find a way to serve others.  Seriously - you will never be as satisfied with yourself as when you give OF yourself to someone who is in need.

Speaking of food for thought, pop on over and visit my friend Heather's Blog.  I was touched by her post about kisses from God, and it made me decide to look for some examples in my own (seemingly uneventful) day.

*Precious hugs and kisses from my babies.
* Kyran's well -placed "Momma, Momma! I Yuv Ooo."'s
* Good Friends calling for a small chat.
* My husband saying "Thank you" while I'm making dinner.

He's pretty great, that husband of mine.  Today he encouraged me to get up off my butt and purge the office, all the while he was going through junk in the basement.  This rarely happens, as we are excellent (semi-pro) couch potatoes.  

OK - time for bed, and I'm really going right now.


Tara said...

I will look for my kisses from God today. It seems yesterday all he wanted to do was spit on my parade. :(

Chris+Lynn said...

You are so right! It is the little things that truly matter; stopping during the chaos of the day to count our blessings will always make us smile & be thankful!

Tricia said...

YES!!! I think you called me a genius!!!

I am reading this sat night and i am in total disbelief at how much you got accomplished today. now YOU are the genius :)