Does anyone else like to eat leftovers for breakfast?  Like 'dinner food' for breakfast?  Well, I do, and I'm training my youngest to do it as well.  (Only because he is a bottomless pit, that has never been satisfied - and so he mooches off of me any chance he gets.)  Today's menu: Chili.  This grosses my husband out, for some reason.  And my mom - she 'can't stomach' stuff like that too early.  What difference does a couple of hours make?  Not sure how long I've been like this.  My mom would make breakfast-y stuff for breakfast when I was little..... If I think back, it was probably college.  I would only have a few things in the fridge to eat, and it was NEVER breakfast stuff.  I remember going to Steak n' Shake for a double stack and fries ON MY WAY TO WORK @ 8:30 in the morning. (David's Bridal, bridal Christmas time - when I would work for ALL day and never get to stop to pee, let alone for lunch.)  And I wonder how I gained 2o pounds in the first year after I got married.....


I still have pictures to post from Thanksgiving, and I'm hoping to get to them today.  I got to see a very dear 'old' friend (we go back 23 years or so) and let our boys play together.  It was so nice, and never long enough.


We have succeeded in about half of the Christmas decorating - AND we now have lights on the OUTSIDE, too! (Even if they are the cheating kind, that are on a net. The boys love them, and that's what counts!)  I will take pictures and post them later - at least of the inside decor.  I avoid going outside every chance I get when it's cold.  More snow is forecast tomorrow.... bleh.


I need to purge this house.  Seriously.  Where do we get all this stuff?  


I am in love with veggie pizza lately.  I've started eating onions (weird) and I suddenly like sweet tea. Oh, and peppers - I'll eat raw peppers now.  What's going on with me? (DO NOT say it.  I'm not - so don't even go there.  Trust me, I'm not. This isn't a craving per-say.  More like a change of heart.)  It's just a little unusual, that my taste buds have decided to 'grow up' all of a sudden.  At least it's healthy. ish.


Ok work calls out to me - Hasta luego, as Diego would say.


Sarah said...

I love supper food for beakfast. I have never had chili, but burritos yes. But I would eat Mexican anytime. ;)

Dusti said...

Lefovers are a food group of their own that can be consumed at ANY time of day! :-) Looking forward to your future posts SO much! :-)

Tricia said...

it so weird.. you write about things in my head that i never think to write about. I love leftovers for breakfast. I too have never understood why people feel like there are only a few acceptable things to eat in the am. When we lived in SC, we used to order homemade Indian food from a lady and I would snarf the leftovers for breakfast. I would actually spring out of bed (which is very unheard of for me) at the realization that i had delicious food awaiting me. My friend across the street would ask me everytime we ordered Indian.."did you eat it for breakfast again? I don't know how you do that.. that is so weird"! so maybe we are not so weird after all!

oh, nick says that i cannot post the monkey bread story on facebook as he is having too much fun telling it!