Cans for comments

So - I'm an excellent thief.  
Have I mentioned that before? 
Well I am.  I steal stuff all the time.  
Mostly ideas.  Sometimes recipes.  Never anything tangible.  

I also follow somewhere along 75+ blogs.  In 1 of them today there was this amazing, and thoughtful idea: Cans for comments.  I find this inspiring and also a sort of sneaky way to get those of you who never comment to DO IT already.

I mean, seriously - who among you would deny a hungry child food?  NONE!  Guilt can be an excellent motivator sometimes.  

So here's how it works:
  • You make a comment on this or any post between now and next Friday (December 12th).
  • For every comment posted in this next week Shaina Pearce Photography will donate a can of food to my local food pantry.  
I was going to try and come up with my own 'spin' on this idea, but my family is tugging on my leg to return to them, so I gave up trying to be creative and decided this would be the way to go.  Maybe you should make your comment be a suggestion of another thing I could give/do for this giving time of year.... OR tell me how YOU are giving back.

Ok - for real, they are freaking out.  Later Gators.  Make me proud!


Chris+Lynn said...

Thanks for sharing the luv! And btw, love the unique design of your blog!

Samantha said...

Love your new layout.
Miss you.

Raquel said...

go give a can for me!

Joan said...

What a generous idea!

Sarah said...

What a wonderful idea. Now let me ask you??? Do you post comments on all those 75+ blogs you read? It is hard isn't it. But I have learned the more comments you leave the more you get.

This will be neat to see how many you will get this week. Good luck.

Andrea said...

Give a can for me!

samunwritten said...

Yay for cans for comments! We're on board too!