Here's a few from our Thanksgiving extravaganza!
So I have mentioned the view from Chad's parents apartment.  It's pretty cool:

This little ladybug is our niece, Adonaia.  Her creative Momma made this costume.  
I so don't have that ability.
She's taking steps now! 

My little Ky guy.

Another huggy picture. It's sort of becoming my 'thing'.
My fav of them:

"Yeaves!!" - Cael
He loves his cousin.
He was ALL about throwing leaves at Mom.

I think this picture is SO great.  It really captures the moment exactly as it was. Cael creating chaos. Kyran, a blur of activity. Addie hating it all.
Dad is ornery.

Cael talks big.  He got out his 'shield' (aka 1 leaf) to protect him from his dad's leaf-storm.
See - he's holding it up, in defense. Poor baby.

"B'pa" -Kyran

My favorite:

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