UPDATE: Additional comments added at the top in bold.

Things overheard this week, that may or may not be as funny as we thought they were:

"I resolve to join the gym, go three times and then quit." (Chad on real life resolutions)

"Don't EAT Baby Jesus!!" (Me to Kyran)

"Just checking to see if you're an idiot." (Various person's @ Chad's house this week - anytime anyone asked a stupid question.)

"Poopy Doggie! Poopy Doggie!" (Kyran begging for candy from a toy Reindeer that 'pooped' it.)

"I'm glad I'm your husband's sister too! - wait....I mean....." (My BROTHER in law)

Me: "Cael - you were doing SUCH a good job playing in the band!"
Cael: "Yeah.  I was fartin' in the band too!"

"I have a staunch record of heterosexuality!" (Chad)

"Grandad, I'm sorry I peed on your wall." (Cael, just as sincere as can be.)

"Don't GAG yourself with Baby Jesus!" (Again - Me to Kyran)


Also - I have currently about 1600 pictures to sort through - and we still have 3 gift-unveilings to go!!  However - I haven't had much time to do anything with them.  Rest assured I will have about 3 weeks worth of posts in January  - if we survive the trip!


Tiffany said...

Hi Shaina,
popped over from MCK tonight after reading your comment and saying a prayer for their family.

I love your skillz, girlie! I received a Canon Rebel 1000D for my anniversary this month and am numb from trying to absorb so much info about understanding the camera as well as trying to learn how to take better pics of my family. What an explosion of info into a world I never knew! Who knew just having a better camera would make such a difference in my photos! HA! Anyhoo..I became a "fan" through facebook and look forward to seeing more of your work. One day, okay maybe one century, I hope to have some skillz, too! :) Thanks for letting me take a peak. Feel free to pop on over to our blog for a visit. God Bless

Tiffany in Washington...for now

Tiffany said...

Oh.. whoops! I forgot to tell you one of the things I overheard this past week that made me giggle. My 3 year old referring to the wise men as the 3 wise guys. Hearing that made replay the three stooges theme song in my head. Kids!

paige said...

hey miss shaina! hopefully you'd be up for sorting through a few more pictures...? todd and i are going to be in mp on december 10-11. will you be around to take some pictures of atticus?

i hope christmas went well for your family. sounds like it was pretty entertaining! (cael's apology for peeing on the wall made me laugh really hard and almost wake up atticus.)