Not me! Monday

And now it's time for 'Not me! Monday' - That time of the week when I rack my brain to remember all the things I did this week which one normally tries to forget.  

When I posted last I did NOT fail use my brain.  My computer has been sent for fixing and my HOPE (with fingers crossed) is that I get it back tomorrow.  My dear, sweet, and adoring husband has been very gracious to let me borrow his whenever I want - however it is just not the same.  All any of that means is that I cannot post pictures, though there are HUNDREDS to choose from already, because all my picture-fixing software is on MY laptop. My apologies for the fake promises.

This week I did NOT realize that, in my haste to finish the annual family calender (a project I did not previously neglect and forget to finish) I accidently put my sister's birthday on the WRONG DAY.  Literally 16 days off...

I did not have to chuckle when my 3 year old announced to everyone in the hotel lobby that I forgot to pack "ALL his spiderman underwear!"  I did not then send my husband to buy more at Target.

I have not had to FIGHT with my 20 month old *every. single. day* about everything from what he's going to eat to how he's going to eat it and WHO is going to hold it while he does.  I certainly have NOT heard him shout at me, "Don't Mom!" and "YOU stop it" when I punish him for his behavior.  

And, finally - I am NOT avoiding a shower for today- even though I am overdue, as we wait for the hot water heater to arrive at my Dad's house. (His is broken and therefore the water is, um chilly.)  I also am not avoiding bathing my children who BADLY need it, until the beloved heater arrives later today...

I think that's all - at least for now.  Happy Not me! Monday.

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Cynthia Jill Photography said...

Hi there :) Came across your blog from MckMama's "Not Me Monday" post. From one photog to another - I really enjoyed looking at your photography on here.