My Saturday

Somedays I need to write down what all I have accomplished, if for no other reason than to prove that I DID get something done.  

Things I accomplished today:
  • Did the dishes
  • Made cookies
  • Went to Walmart (on a Saturday @ noon)  ALL the crazies were out and Ky got his picture taken with Santa*
  • Delivered cookies and lunch to a friend
  • Went to the bank
  • Fed my children
  • Facebooked.... Get one if you don't have one.  This means you, Dusti and Sarah D.
  • Hung out with the boys
  • Made dinner (It was not a hit.  Schwan's hashbrown casserole, smelled like a swimming pool, and no one liked it.  Fried ham was ok, though.)
  • Did the dishes again
  • Read a few books to the boys.
  • Watched a TON of youtube Christmas light shows - this one's my fav guy.
  • Put the boys to bed
  • Currently listening to Matt Chandler from the Village church, on iTunes - excellent preacher, and funny!  Go to that link and scroll down to latest sermon and click download.

*After I left Walmart I was thinking about Kyran and Santa.  Ky's 19 months old right now and he smiled when I said "Do you want to go see Santa?"  But when I sat him on his lap, he became very wary looking and just didn't trust him.  So myself and the camera girl are making high squeaky voices, trying to get him to say cheese, and he just looks at me like "Are you crazy?"  And, you know, I think I am! I mean, seriously:  If that same man, dressed as himself, had set up a chair with a teenager holding a camera and asked me, "Can I hold your baby?" I would have made a disgusted face and politely declined, as I quickly hustled my brood away!   Kyran can sense it - he didn't know this person, why would he be happy to sit on his lap?  I felt irresponsible and silly.  I still do - I feel both, because everyone does it and yet it seems like a bad idea. 

Anyways - this is a weird and fairly boring post.  I swear I will eventually finish blogging Turkey time pictures.  I keep adding to the amount of work I have to do in that regard.

I'm off to have a LARGE Cocoa Dolce Mexican Hot Chocolate.


Tara said...

Sarah and Dusti do need a FB. I am glade someone's kid will go sit on Santa. Kenley is terrified of him! You did get a lot accomplished today. Great job!! Relax and enjoy your Sunday.

Sarah said...

I have thought about FB but man, it is hard to keep track of all these dang online sites I belong too. ;)
You weekend sounds full. I am glad he sat for you, and I feel the same way about those Santas. (I always wonder who is under that suit);(

Dusti said...

I have been wondering how Gabe will do with Santa this year. He CRIED last year and I had to sit on Santa's lap too. Bet the Santa LOVED that! ;-)

As to facebook, maybe... eventually... I dunno...