Miscellaneous Monday

High five me - I spelled Miscellaneous right the first time, without spell check! 


So far today I have eaten:
1 brownie
1 grilled cheese - which remains unfinished on the kitchen counter, because I was interrupted.
1 more brownie

hmm.......... I wonder if I can put "will power" on my Christmas list?  Or how about "ability to focus" ?  No?  Stink - those are the things I really need.


Cans for comments, people.  I appreciate that a few of you 'blog stalkers' have broken your silence for a good cause - grand total so far : 9.  Hmmmm.....  I was hoping for a few more cans than that.


I should also point out a few other people I know are doing this type of drive.  Maybe I should make it a competition.  Whoever's blog gets the most comments, the other person has to donate something to the winner's charity.  I'll have to see if anyone takes that challenge....
To all you in Louisville who might be reading this, check out my friend, Scotty @ Think Photographics.  He's got links to tons of other peoples blogs, if you feel extra-generous and want to make all those photographers give cans as well.  


I have wanted to do a Not Me Monday episode, for a few weeks now.  Another PhotograMom does it from her blog and I love reading them.  Since I'm already halfway through this Misc Monday post I'll just add an abbreviated version:

  • I did not ignore the laundry all week, and therefore I have not had to scramble all day to get 6 loads washed and dried.  I also do not avoid folding until it has been confirmed that none of the clothes that anyone actually wears are found to be in their rooms, but rather in the GIANT laundry basket that is my Papasan.
  • I did not eat out everyday this past week, save today.  I have more self control than to find a reason to go to Wendy's (in the next big town over) any chance I get.
  • I did not forget about getting some Christmas presents ordered until last night, at which time I did not scramble to throw something together, that will be ok, instead of great.
  • I did not let my 19 month old child repeatedly jump off the couch today, nor did I get out the camera to tape it.  
  • I also did not hear it when that same 19 month old shouted "Oh Cap!"  which, of course, did NOT follow my exclamation of "Oh crap".  
  • Finally I have not started employing my 3 year old as a "poop sniffer" as it were, sending him to seek out if his brother offends.  He doesn't have to then grab his nose and say "Oh yes! He stinks!"
I am not stopping because I fail to remember every cute/moderately embarrassing thing each child does everyday.  

I want something garlicky.  Huh - did you know that garlic needs a K added to the end to spell garlicky? I did not until just now.  I find that quite odd.  To be honest I didn't think that garlicky was an actual word.  Oh well. Enough for now. I need to go fold all the laundry I didn't do.


Tara said...

I love the new blog look. And congrats on the spelling. I would have never done that correctly the first time. And 2nd, only two brownies?? Thats what I call pure will power!

Dusti said...

Miscellaneous. Did I get it right? :-)

Dusti said...

Yep. Two points for me - two cans for you. :-)

buttercup said...

I love misc. (see I just abbreviate- no spelling necessary) Mondays because that's how every mom's mind works if we can actually remember the thought long enough to type it!!

All My Monkeys said...

Isn't this a great way to know you're not alone in your mommy-crazyness (should that Y be an I).

I surely don't limit myself to one clean laundry basket and the top of the washer/dryer. They do not usually sit with folded laundry for days before I put it away or it gets used.

I did not drop a piece of bday cake on the floor this eve, say crap, and then have my 22 mo repeating "crap crap crap" for the next 5 mins. My dh and I were not silently laughing the entire time.

Happy Monday.

BeX said...

Well.... only 9? Add another! ;D It's such a great cause! Btw...what a cute ladybug!


Sarah said...

How many times can I post a comment?

Love you too.
Sarah Berb


I'll quit now.

Sarah said...

Dude! I thought that I posted the same comment 4 times! Apparently not.

Sarah said...

one more for good measure, &the fact that I can not open a can of anything with my gimpy hand. why not give the can I can't open to someone who can?

Thats right. makes sense to me.

sarah b

Sarah said...

This was a funny post to read. I love the not me Mondays.

John Heil Photography said...

woo hoo!! So awesome to see so many people on board for this. Throw a can in for me, please! :)