The Blizzards & The Hibbards

I always LOVE having a Hibbard Thanksgiving - as was discussed around the table this year, there is NONE like it!   This year, was my first time arriving as a professional (well, other than the years Jon, Matt, Evie & I thought we were professional pie eaters.)  
I was SO excited to get to shoot these people!  (Insert your own sarcastic remark here)
I was specifically excited to shoot my cousins' new baby girl, Peyton.  She is SO sweet and had such bright eyes!
Mama lovin' on her
We did a few group shots first.  They clean up nicely, I'd say!

Did I mention, that Hibbards bleed purple?
I started to say give her a kiss on the cheek, but Larry was planting one on her before I got to the end of that sentence!  LOVE it!
Jon and Jenna - She's a keeper, btw.  She got up @ 4:00 something to go hunting with him, and then went again that afternoon.  We were glad to have Jon back from serving in Iraq last year.
Now the Blizzards: Paula, Bryan and Baby girl Peyton.

Loving her Daddy

Such a great smile!

She was LOVING the grass - 
Hee hee!

She finally crashed out - she's so social she had avoided her nap all day!

It was SO good seeing all of you!  Much love!!


Dusti said...

Great job! Love the kiss photo and the white cowboy hat. Love the baby girl pictures when she's on the ground looking right at the camera and then at the grass. Sleeping baby pictures just sooth your soul, don't they! Very nice couple pictures too. Happy Thanksgiving, Hibbard family. :-)

Sarah said...

All the photos are beautiful. But yours always are. ;) Glad you had a great time.