Miscellaneous Saturday 2

Hi internet friends.  I'm tired.  We shot a wedding today, (which I will post about later) but I will say this much : I chose poorly when it came to shoes.  I have matching blisters on the bottoms of my big toes.  Owie.


Whilst I'm complaining, I might as well say I'm getting sick.  I can only breathe out of half of my nose.  We'll see how I feel in the morning.  


I'm half way through my cupcakes.  This is a sad fact.  Chad's only had 2 and the boys don't even know they exist.  Also, my Cocoa Dolce FINALLY got here.  18 beautiful and DELICIOUS fancy chocolates.  (Sidenote: Chad calls me a 'chocolate snob' now.  This is not a false statement.)  Anyways, it had a note inside suggesting I eat everything within 3 weeks, because otherwise it will go bad. 

Really?  You have to tell people to hurry up and eat those chocolates?  I mean I TRIED to tell my self "Ok - only 1 per day".  Uh, yeah.  I have 3 left.  It's been 4 days.  


Countdown to Kansas Thanksgiving 2008 has begun.  1 week from tomorrow (tentatively) we should be headed 'home' for some vacation time with family.  PS - I still have 2 spots left for portrait sessions. But you need to book SOON, so we can cement our plans.


True story: We make a spreadsheet of when-to-go-where for the holidays.  Anyone else do this??


Ok - sleepy eyes win.  Stay tuned for wedding sneak peeks and whole blog posts. :-)


Sarah said...

you have me craving some fancy chocolate and I was the same way when I had that choc. I ate a box of 6 in one night. They are too good to sit. ;)

Holidays we alternate between families. This year Thanksgiving is with his folks and Christmas is mine. Next year it will be the other. His parents hate it when it isn't their Christmas year, but we like it, this way we don't miss anyones traditions.

tivo vovo said...

paige and i have a holiday schedule already kinda set. we're quite "j" personlity types as well. spreadsheets, though? that is commendable!