{family: The Hess's}

When I was getting ready to go to this shoot today I told my husband that I KNEW this was going to be a super fun shoot.  Mostly because I know what a kidder Jeremy (aka 'Hess') is.  And little Cooper didn't fall far from that tree.  

So here's a test: 
Which of the next 2 images do you think is the 'real' them?
:-) Being serious only lasted for 1 frame - noticed Cooper's ornery face above.

Miss Caitlyn
Cooper holding still, briefly!
Dad + son
Mom + daughter
Aren't they SO cute? 

Attention all who want fun, relaxed family portraits:  Here's some photographic Math for you.

Family+Trampoline= :-) fun, Fun, FUN!!

Seriously, how could you NOT have fun flying through the air??

Remember how, when you were a kid, and would jump on a trampoline and then you get on the ground and your legs feel like they're filled with cement or something?  Well, Coopers really were.  Hee hee!  Poor buddy just couldn't get off the ground.
As soon as I got done with this shot I said "That's going to be the best family pic of the day!"
And it SO was (in my opinion!)

Thanks Hess's!!! I had tons of fun and I can't wait to do one @ the farm!!

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paige said...

shaina, i love all of these! you're great at what you do!