Dana ♥s Aaron

Aaron (aka Harry) and Dana are MARRIED!!  We got there a little early to work on some details before the 'getting ready'

PS - I had TONS to choose from and narrowed it down to these, but as I finish going through the rest of the 800+ photos (that's 800 keepers - there were almost 700 that didn't make the cut!) I'm sure I'll find more "bloggable" pics.  But for now this will have to do!

Getting into her dress
Mom pinning on the brooch, which matched perfectly!

See - didn't I tell you this was a good shot?!  Love it.
First Look!!

Love me some shoes!!
This is Riley - we were buds.  He's a cutie!
So I got a new Macro and I ♥ it!  These were ribbons hanging out of the Hymnals.
Caught me!
Signing the marriage certificate, during the ceremony.  An excellent idea, and a good way to use up the rest of the 'candle lighting song'.

First Dance

Thank you Dana and Aaron, for letting us document your special day! Talk to you soon!!


Sarah said...

Gorgeous Shaina! Wish I could have had you at my wedding!
Love you!
Sarah Berb

whenjeskasparks said...

Shaina! God willing I get married, you're officially pre-hired to do my wedding. (That is-- if you want to and don't have any other obligations. but hey it's like 3-5 years off, so there's time to negotiate :)
It was nice to see you and catch up at Paige's baby shower. Hope things are well, and I pray that God heals you quickly and blesses you with good health.