Sèla Renee

This precious baby girl is Miss Sèla Renee.  Her Momma and I are really good friends who don't spend enough time together.  
She came home about 2 weeks ago to her 2 big brothers, who love her to pieces!

This is Tomàs - he's quiet and sweet.  Well at least when I'm around! His mom might beg to differ with me on the quiet thing!

And this is Mateo.  He's silly and fun. And tall!

She's so SOO sweet - makes the baby fever come back!

Love these piggies.....


Dusti said...

Luv the pics.
I was thinking before I rea0d your comment about baby fever, "Two boys & a girl, so it can be done!" :-) Love the close-ups of her feet and sweet face! :-)

tivo vovo said...

these are great pictures. i hear you are going to bless paige and i and atticus with pictures as well? is that true? that would be awesome, if only to get to see you again. it has been too long. we should come down and see you and the boys again soon. i miss you guys. my prayers are with you and chad and the boys. i am very excited to meet my son!!! 23 more days!!!!