*yawn* More of Lace

ETA: I do have to explain the absence of ANY type of happiness in her face.  She's had a super hard week, and it all came to a head that morning.  Due to my inability to drive or see, she had to wait and leave for school (in Wichita, an hour and a half or so away) that morning, instead of going back to my mom's the night before.  So she leaves at 6:40 and about 6 or 8 miles outside of town she got pulled over.  And she was going way fast.  It was her first ever, (AND a big) ticket.  So she went on to school (got a tardy), but then she had to turn around right after school and drive (to the letter of the law) back to Dad's to finish up.  To be honest, I totally thought these pictures weren't going to turn out at all, because she was so......... grouchy.  But this girl can ROCK grouchy. Seriously, I was thrilled with the results.  And we were able to joke about it later.  She was also mad that I made her stand in the rain (which makes our hair, frizzy and flip out).  But we only had one umbrella and I was the one with expensive equipment.  Anyways - she did smile some towards the end.  And it all worked out. Mom and Dad both loved them, so that's good and she's happy with them as well.

Ok - I'm sleepy.  Long weekend, long drive = sleepy me.  But before I go a few more of Lacey's pictures, from our second session....

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Sarah said...

I love all the beautiful shots. But none of her smiling??? ;( Still beautiful.