Miscellaneous Monday 5

So I am at my dad's for just today, to finish shooting Lacey's pictures.  I got here last night with only about an hour of Sunlight to work with so she's going to book it back here after school in Wichita today, and hopefully get a couple more hours of shooting in.   "Money is no object!" Right, Lace? :-)

***********BIG ADVENTURE, Part 1***************
So our big adventure?  Yes, well, let me preface by saying, I'm an idiot.  Seriously I knew better, and yet, in my zealous quest to chase the sun, I decided to forgo actual thinking, and replaced it with 'the dumb'.  I drove us down into a an area that has been KNOWN to be muddy. I was looking for an OLD bridge (that apparently hasn't existed in some years, but I was remembering it from my childhood).  It was just me and Lace in Dad's NEW car. :-) Genius.  Anyways, I decided it was looking too gross, and went to turn around..... and got stuck. Like MAJORLY stuck.  So we tried for about 10 minutes to get it out ourselves before we gave up and called Dad.  He came and picked us up, and we went back for his tractor.  Lace and he went back to retrieve the car, and I stayed to deal with the boys.  They got the car free, but not before getting the tractor stuck too.  Luckily it has a shovel on the front, so he was able to push himself backwards and get out.

Oh, and did I mention the Mosquitos?  They were huge.  H U G E.  Dad said afterwards, "That's where you went wrong. You should have just tied the car to one of those suckers and let THEM pull you out."  Seriously if you go back a post and look at the picture of Lacey with muddy feet, those are NOT dust spots on my sensor - they are Mosquitos.  

***************BIG ADVENTURE, Part 2 ****************

Meanwhile, back at the Ranch:

So Kyran had pooped.  No biggie - compared to digging a car out of the mud.  However, I figured out quickly, that he wasn't the only one....

Oh yes - Cael pooped too. Only he did NOT have a diaper on.  He had done the deed while playing on the playground with Grandad, and hadn't said anything, so (lucky) Grandad was unaware.  What followed would have been hilarious if it hadn't been so gross.  While trying to get Cael cleaned up I heard the front door open and shut, which meant Kyran had escaped into the front yard, to chase the kitties again.  So I chase him, and Cael follows me, with nothing on his south end except.... residue.  So I made him come outside and I hosed him down, which was cold, no doubt.  I had to hose Kyran down next because he went straight for a tub of water meant for the kitties.  I put Kyran in the kitchen and removed all his clothing and dropped them straight into the washing machine.  I then set him over the gate back into the living room and retrieved Cael from the yard, removed his wet clothing and put them in the washer as well.  As I set Cael over the gate into the living room I heard the front door again - Kyran had escaped back outside.  So I gathered him and herded them both into the bathroom for a very fast, and room-soaking shower.  I was dripping wet and exhausted by the end of it all.


Add to that, the boys had ice cream for supper, didn't go to bed until 9:00 and woke up @ 5:30 and 6:00 = I'm needing a nap already.  Oh and, poor Kyran fell out of bed again, which was my fault and it's a good distance to the floor.  Poor buddy.  I still feel bad.  Cael just fell off the couch (he was perched high atop, the back of the arm) and has a good  size knot on his head.  No Mother-of-the-year awards for me this year. Or at least this week.


Fingers crossed that it doesn't rain on our session tonight as we can't redo until Thanksgiving, when the leaves will have fallen some.  I'll post more Favs of Lace later, as I get more edited.

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Lion Dusti said...

I went and looked again at the picture of her with the muddy feet, and I'd say it was worth the drama! Hate it that I'm missing you while you're here in Kansas but LOVE BLOGGER for all the updates! :-)