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Have I ever mentioned how GREAT my husband is?  Well, he is. I mean like, 'AMAZING, make-your-friends-jealous' Great.  Here's how great he has been *just* today.

  • Got up and got the baby when he woke up.
  • Made a call for me while I was getting the boys stuff ready for the day.
  • Got BOTH boys diaper/undies changed, and dressed for the day - everything but shoes, while I was getting a shower.
  • Was my scribe for grocery list (I shouted out things while in the shower and he wrote them down.)
  • Put my need for time ahead of his own.
  • Kept the baby while I went to a meeting - and put shoes on that baby when it was time to go.
  • Rotated laundry for me, and started second load of the day.
  • Took baby to run errands (pick up lenses) and GET GROCERIES for me. (He goes to the store for me a lot.)
  • Kept Grocery+Gas (collectively) under $100!!
  • Came home and put away all cold things.
  • Fed baby lunch
  • Cleaned the TOILET
  • Rotated laundry again, and started 3rd load of the day!!!
  • Swept Dining room (technically last night, but still deserved to be blogged.)
  • TAKING ME OUT ON A DATE TONIGHT TO SEE A MOVIE I WILL LIKE!!!!!! The date isn't so rare, but we never (N E V E R) agree on movies. 
  • Somehow, he managed to sneak out the trash!!  I didn't even know it! That's HUGE cause he HATES taking out the trash!

I haven't decided if he's doing it because he missed me or because he 'never makes it into a blog post.' ;-) *wink*       

For those who wondered, I had a good time (despite the craziness of the trip) in Kansas.  It was SUPER FAST (stayed 3 days: 1 spent with each family) I have Grahams pics to post finally, and slideshows to work on, but that will have to wait until tomorrow cause I have GOT to clean this pig sty up before the sitter gets here @ 5:00. (Sorry Kris!)

NOW - before any of you complain about your husband or point out this stellar day to them, let me just say DON'T.  I am NOT interested in hearing all of your spouses short comings. And he is not interested in seeing this blog.  Rather, I want to hear how your husband is GREAT too.  How he provides, or plays with your kids, or brings flowers, or loves you more than anyone else.

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Sarah said...

Chad is so sweet!

As you know I am dreadfully in love, love, love, with Ben. He is a wonderful husband. His patience is what amazes me! He is patient with the lack of matched socks, the random frozen pizza, the constant fingerprints on the new TV, the coffee that I finished before he got his 2nd cup. He is willing to let the kids come "work" with him, to catch the throw-up, and to walk over 18 (not kidding) pairs of smallish shoes in the entry way.
I love that man!