Turning over a new Card

ETA: Prices at the bottom

Announcement: I am offering design services now.  Christmas cards, Baby announcements, Graduation invitations - you name it, I'll give it a shot. I should explain, these are all flat cards so the divide down the middle shows where the front and back split.

Here's a few samples:

A Graduation Announcement for Lace - with matching Thank You's and return address labels, no less.

This one is a little different - the TY is on the left (both sides of it)

And a Christmas card - it's almost that time of year again, believe it or not!

Prices: There are 3 sizes to choose from, and they can be either vertical or horizontal.  They are flat cards, and both sides are custom designed.  They come with envelopes and you can add on matching return address labels.  Prices for cards are per pack of 25, except where otherwise noted. Tax and shipping not included.  

  • 5x7 :: $54 
  • 5x5 ::  $50
  • 4x5.5  ::  $44
  • return addy's  $24 (50 labels)
How it works: I design 3, or so, for you to choose from, and you get 2 rounds of revisions.  I don't have any packages yet, but I'm working on it.

Cael update: He's doing really well, considering.  I'm trying to just give him regular Tylenol as much as possible.  We skipped out on church tonight, more because I'm worn out than anything.  It's reminiscent of having  newborn, waking throughout the night to keep meds in him.  But in a couple of days things will be back to normal and even better than before! So it's all worth it.   UPDATE to the Update He's not doing too great without the Kodine, so we switched back, at least for another day.

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hollieschuff said...

I like the Christmas cards!! How much for how many? Glad to hear Cael can get away w/ just regular Tylenol. Hope you get some sleep tonight!