Cael's tonsils...

Surgery went well.  Cael only freaked out a little after he first woke up.  Ok - maybe more than a little.  They had to give him Morphine to get him to chill out (which isn't normal) But it worked!  They wouldn't give me any to take home.....

Since getting here he has eaten parts of lots of things.  They had said lots of times kids won't eat anything the first day, so that was good.  And he's been drinking lots too.  All of these are good signs.

The Doc said his tonsils were pretty scarred up.  So it was good that we got them out.  And since he's 3 he probably won't remember any of this.  

Anyways - there's the update. Thanks for the prayers - and keep them coming!

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Lion Dusti said...

get well soon Cael!
wub, Gabe