Blog Post #101 - a sappy read

Miscellaneous - what day is it again?

Oh yes - Thursday.  I usually love Thursday, cause it's my Hubby's day off.  But today he had to work, since he took Monday off to be with Cael after surgery.  Such a Good Daddy. *sigh* I could talk about him all day.

Ok - sorry if this is weird for those of you know him.  Or me.  Or both of us.  It sometimes bugs me when other couples are openly affectionate in public.  Married couples who act like teenagers.  {Why is that, anyway?} With that being said, only proceed further if you have an iron stomach, because the lovey dovey stuff is on it's way:

Seriously - I'm not sure what my deal is lately.  I'm feeling all floaty, and in Love.  Not that I haven't been in Love up to this point.  Don't read this the wrong way.  I feel MORE in Love than I can ever remember feeling.  If you recall from previous posts, this isn't a completely new thing.  He's been stepping it up.  My husband is very good at EVERYTHING he sets his mind to.  No joke - he's one of those people that does everything well - or he won't do it at all.  And lately, he has become a student of me. (Ohh Ohh - name that movie!)  And I can't get enough of it.  I always knew he loved me, never doubted him for a second.  But what's different is how he's showing it.  He's figuring out how to love me better.  And that, ladies (and gentlemen?) makes a girl feel good - about herself, about her marriage, about her role, about her man..... the list goes on.

He wrote me an email today that just melted my heart.  I'm not going to share it, not tonight anyway.  But I think I read it about 10 times throughout the afternoon. ♥


Whew - ok, what else?  Ah yes - the children.  Cael's getting better, slowly but surely.  I'm not going to wake him tonight and see if he sleeps through any of the pain.  He got the "coolest toy  ever" from our good friends The Schuffs, and has slept with the 'webs' every night and nap since. (PS, Hollie - it is time for an update, girlfriend :-)

Kyran has taken to stomping his foot at me and shouting "No WAY" before complying with any requests.  Not the preferred response.  Many a timeout has been dealt his way this week.  He's also very slick, and/or sweet: responding to my scoldings with, "Momma - I yuv oo".  Knows  how to sweet talk already.  Must be genetic, right Chad?


Something's wrong with me, not being able to lay down before 11:00? We talked about going to bed @ 9:30... yet here I sit, an hour after Chad heads to bed...

Ok, enough for tonight.  Don't forget, we are coming to Kansas the week before Thanksgiving and have time for 3 sessions so email me if you are interested.  Pictures are always a perfect Christmas gift for Grandparents and the like....

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