Competitive Cael

Whew.  I'm wiped out! I ran the 5k this morning - my second one ever.  I don't remember my time from the last race, but I did so-so on this one.  I have one speed: 10 minutes miles.  And I apparently need my track for 2 reasons:
  1. I can't regulate my speed if I don't know exactly how far I have gone.  Today proved this, as I ran my mile in 8:54!!! That's my best time since High school (7 minute miles back then) and I was STOKED when I passed the mile marker and it hadn't been 9 minutes yet.  Even at the turn around (which was roughly half way) I was doing good.  The hills were starting to take their toll, but I still felt ok.  I started to see other Go-Go Girls who were right behind me and that helped spur me on.  But by the time I made it to 1.75 miles I was dragging.  Which leads me to reason number two for loving the track...
  2. Hills suck.  I need FLAT surfaces.  The hills killed me in the end. I just couldn't handle them, and lost any ground that I had gained with my 'early lead'.  
All in all, I did pretty good. I got 4th inmy age division (but I should have had 5th because Laura, my running buddy, kept slowing down to let this old lady beat her.) Brat.  I swore to her, between gasps for air, that I was gonna kick her butt when I could breathe again.  The girl who medaled for 2nd passed us in the last half mile, which stinks, but I had nothing left to give at that point.  Good thing I don't care if I win or not, huh?

That is NOT the case for Cael.  He was SO beyond EXCITED all day to get to run in a real race!  He was in the 2-3's and was only 1 of 2 boys who ran.  He practiced ALL morning, in the house before we left.  Then we got there and found our spot to start from and he practiced even more.  He was SO CUTE! (Q: What kind of mother forgets a camera for such a momentous occasion? A: A photographer mom).  So after he practices he runs back to me:

ME: You're doing SO GOOD! I'm so proud of you!
Cael: I'm so pwoud of you, mom.
Me: Now - you know it's ok if you don't win, right?  The important thing is to do your best and NOT GIVE UP, ok?
Cael: Ok. I won't give up. I'm the fastest boy EVER!

So Race time rolls around and they all line up.  They shout go, and he stood there.  After like 2 seconds he starts running, but when the other boy crossed the finish line in front of him he stopped (3 feet short of finishing) and crossed his arms.  After a little coaxing he came across the line in 3rd, but he was almost in tears. 
Cael:"I didn't win!" 
Me: 'I know, baby, but remember the best thing was that you did your best, right?"  
Apparently not.  He hasn't stopped talking about 'dat mean boy wif da bwue hat, dat beat me!' It must be in the testosterone. Seriously. Oh well.

The house is finally quiet.  Nap time has begun, and I have earned this nap.  

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Lion Dusti said...

:-) Very cute story about Cael. I can just picture him with his arms crossed! too funny! But CONGRATS to you on the 5k. I should check out the couch to 5k site. I would love to be so motivated... :-)