TAG Texas, Missouri, and IOWA!!

Psst! It's your turn.  I expect a LOT of comments on this post! Reveal yourselves!

Texas (particularly Plano - there have been MANY visits from you!)
Missouri (Hey neighbors!)
IOWA - our home, and winner of the most hits per state!

BTW - you do not get a free pass if you find me at MOPS (or church, or the grocery, or McDonald's) and say you read my blog.  POST IT here.  And link me to your blog or site, so I can see you too! 

If you are wondering what you need to say here's a guide:

  1. Hi! I'm _______________.
  2. I live in _______________.
  3. I read this blog because ___________________, even though ______________________________.
Happy commenting :-)


Kage Imagery said...

Ok, I'm not technically tagged yet but I'll post.

Hi! I'm Katie (1 half of Kage Imagery)
I live in St. Paul, MN
I read this blog because I found Shaina on Flickr and she was using the same web design program as I was so I checked out your blog. I love your writing style and how real you seem! I can totally relate to you :)

angela said...

Ok, I'll speak up for Missouri....

Hi, I'm Angela. I live in Belton, MO (a KC suburb).

I read this blog because I found a link to it from Dusti's and I like to check in on the girls I knew in what I call my former life (aka the time before I left Eureka), even though I don't feel like I have the time or energy to create a blog of my own. Plus, I love your photography and can totally relate to the stories about life with a toddler.

Sarah said...

Hi! I'm Sarah Berberich.
I live in Deep River Iowa
I read your blog because I love you and your family, and because I consider you part of my extended family, even though your husband sometimes beats my husband in fantasy football.
Love, Sarah

Stephanie said...

1. Hi! I'm Stephanie Stoller.
2. I'm your Plano, TX visitor!
3. I read this blog because I'm a blog addict and have a list I follow nearly every day (even though there's plenty I SHOULD be doing), and you're on the list, even though we don't really know each other. I found it through Facebook and other friends' blogs. I love reading about REAL lives - including laundry! :)

By the way, Shaina, your photography is AMAZING! I love your style and have convinced my mom to call you to do our family pictures, whenever we're all in town. IF I EVER get married, we're going to do TTD - no doubt about it!

chad said...

Hi! I'm Chad.
I live in your house.
I read this blog because I want to see if my name is mentioned, even though I rarely make my way into a post.

hollieschuff said...

Hi Shaina,
I'm Hollie, I read your blog because you are so funny and real! Plus were friends, and we are in small group together and my husband thinks we are so much alike!

hollieschuff said...

Oh, sorry, I live in IA. Just in case you forget!