lacking brain power.

EDIT: I added one below in bold.

I had 2 things to post:

The first one was about Cael... not remembering it now.

The other was about me, I think. Also not remembering it now. 

Ok remembered one.  Something that may or may not make your think I am weird/poorer than I am/white trash.  So I have been wanting an OLD chair to use for pictures.  And on Monday I found one!! Trouble was, it was sitting curb-side, waiting for the garbage man.....  I drove past it three times.  Finally I turned around (after getting about a mile away) and went back for it.  I just couldn't help myself! It's PERFECT for what I want.  I don't even need to do anything to it, other than clean it off.  The part that makes this funny is that there were 4 of them.  When I told my dad the story he said, "Now, that's really going to baffle those people, when they look outside and see that someone has stolen only ONE of those chairs..." :-) It's not really stealing if it's trash right?

This was a fairly less pointless post I think.  hmph.

I'll update if/when I recall my good stories.  For now I'm going back to folding the mountain of laundry.

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Sarah said...

I almost did that once, but is was a soft chair and I was worried about smell stain factor. You're crazy but I bet it was a pretty chair. PICS please...