September in Kansas

(ETA: by Kansas I mean Wichita, and Toronto, and perhaps somewhere in between.)

Ok, peeps - here's the scoop:

I had been tentatively planing a trip to good 'ol KANSAS at the end of this month.  I am shooting my (baby) sister's senior pics - for real this time.  But I only have one other appointment scheduled, which means I still have 3 left!!   (Portrait sessions are $200).  Gas is $4/gallon, so I need a minimum of 4 scheduled to make the trip.  I'll be there for a week, so I'll have a few evenings to choose from if anyone is interested.  Email me: shaina@shainapearce.com

  Do want to know something appalling? I spent part of the afternoon going through my kids clothes because I was WAY past due on rotating the sizes in and out.  The appalling part?  My children have 15 tubs of clothing from birth to 3T.  15!  There were 2 (50 quart) tubs of 12 month stuff!  And the 24 month/2T section filled a 50 qt tub and a 70 qt tub!!  Ridiculous!  And, before anyone yells at me, it's not because I have a shopping problem.  My mom, Chad's mom, and our sisters do.  Seriously.  I told my (older) younger sister tonight that if I get so much as 1 stitch of clothing this Christmas for them that isn't 4T or bigger I am returning it immediately.  (Don't hold me to that - it so won't happen)  But don't you think that's a bit much?  And I used to eBay their stuff - so there could be even more!  Don't get me started on the toys.  Spoiled rotten, my children are.

Anyways - it took me 2.5 afternoons, but I got a handle on the clothes, and I'm almost done.  I work until I hear the children driving my husband completely insane, then I take pity and come down.  They have had fairly atrocious behavior of late.  Kyran's been biting, but only Chad. (Why would the littlest guy pick on the big guy?)  Cael has taken to pushing his brother away, b/c Ky is always in his face.  And we were having a whining problem for a while, but I think that is morphing, now that we no longer have Calliou's influence everyday.  I say morphing, b/c it's not going away - it's just changing into more of a complete meltdown.  Not better.

*sigh* I've been doing that a lot lately.  Is it bed time yet?  I think so. 

Later Gators - don't forget to hit me up ASAP if you're wanting a session.

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