Miscellaneous Monday #1

Taking a page from another photo-blogger I follow I am going to try a misc. monday:

Today was Cael's second day of preschool.  I was still sad, but not as sad as last week.  Finger's crossed he doesn't have anymore accidents today.  I LOATHE potty training.

Kyran is talking REALLY well these days.  Today he said "shirt".  This is one word he struggles with.  He forgets the 'r' most times.  When Cael was first learning to talk he pronounced frog like duck, but with an f. :-)  I had to remove all the frog-related toys from his nursery at church for a few weeks until it got a little better!  Which leads into my next section.

When Cael was Kyran's age he uttered his first 'real' cuss word.  Well, shouted is more like it. And stomped his foot.  (It was d@#n !%)  We quit watching "That 70's Show" after that incident.  The worst part was we were at a friends house and his current preschool teacher was there.  She was not impressed!

Fall has been my favorite season in the past.  Why is it not this year?  I am dragging my feet into Autumn as I watch Summer slip away.  

You won't hear me talk much about Politics on here, mainly because, (as an Iowan)  I have been watching political commercials since BEFORE Kyran was born and I am SO OVER IT by now.  But I feel like making the comment that I think having a mother in the White House is an excellent idea.  You know a mother of 5 kids is gonna get some things done.  

I figured out my google analytics problem.  I had uninstalled it, by changing my layout. Duh.

It has been brought to my attention that I have not posted pictures on here in a while.  I would love to post more.  So hire me to shoot you, and I will.  It's that simple.

Ok - enough of this. I have dinner to plan for and a kid to go pick up from Pre-school.  Leave me some ♥ if you don't mind.


Sarah said...

I like miscellaneous Mondays. That is how they feel anyway. I am crossing my fingers Tay doesn't cuss. I really need to watch what I say more. I say Sh!t too much. ;)
Girl Embrace Autumn. It is so beautiful and cool. I hate that is never lasts long enough and boom cold ass winter is here. See there I go with the cussing. work work.

Gilbert & Cheryl Pearce said...

I am so glad that you are blogging! It helps me to keep up on what's going on up there in Iowa! I got on to see if you had any new pics and thought I would leave you a note. I hope you get to come to Kansas this month as I miss you all very much. And I promise to slow down on shopping for awhile!! Love You! Grammy Pearce

Lion Dusti said...

Miscellaneous Mondays, Tackle it Tuesdays, Wordless Wednesdays... see how much you're going to love blogging every day! (I've never blogged any of the above, but there sure is a lot that can be done.) I've just blogged something new on my page. Check it out (I left you some love.)