*sigh* Friday.....

Greetings, Friday.  How are you?  Me - I'm ok.  I think this week is catching up with me, though. 

So we had our first MOPS meeting today and it went GREAT!  Which is such a relief, because I was nervous.  Mostly that people wouldn't like the way I split up the groups, but even that seems to be fine. (Though I still have a body guard on retainer, right Mandi?)

Today was also Cael's first day of preschool. (*tear*)  I didn't cry today.  I did cry yesterday.  Plenty.  I cried when I went to get him his first pair of 3T jeans, and they FIT.  Then I cried again, when Kyran ran by with Cael's old clothes on.  And I cried one last time while packing up his backpack with his school supplies.  What kind of mess will I be when starts Kindergarten?  Or Graduates? Let's not talk about it.  

Anyway, Cael's first day was okay - except that he had an accident AT preschool, and had note sent home.  On the first day.  Then, as soon as Chad got him in the house, he had another ( much bigger) accident.  So my plans of getting home and listening to Cael gush all about his 'super cool first day' were replaced with unwanted discussions about using the potty.  A friend of mine mentioned a potty-training school - guaranteed to potty train in a day or your $$ back.  Sounds like the way to go for me.  I wonder if they have a southeast Iowa division?

I loved the weather today.  As I type, I am sitting by an open window, sniffing the fresh, clean outdoor air.  It's very cathartic.  *sigh*

Okay - I feel better.  Thanks Friday, for listening.

Soon to come:
1. My Tackle it Tuesday that technically has taken the better part of a week.  It was a HUGE tackle, though.  
2...... yeah idk right now.  But I swear I'll have more to talk about when I'm not SO exhausted.

Until then......


Sarah said...

Ahhh, first school days. You did great mom. I am sure he will get better with his potty training.

Don't you just love the cool fall weather!!

hollieschuff said...

I have the same problem with the clothes issue, times 2. I haven't botten anything for my kids expect the occasional outfit , if we are out and about and someone gets sick and we have nothing else to wear. This is the only time I buy anything. Thank you Lord, for grandparents and aunts!!!

As, for the potty-training thing, I'm there with you. If you hear of anyone wanting to host a seminar around here how to get it done (overnight would be great, but I'll take anything I can get)let me know & I will be there!

I was bawling taking Finnely to "back to school" night, just to drop off her supplies. You'd think I was sending my first one off, not my third!

It will get better. In no time you'll be counting down the minutes til both of them are in school and you get "free" time again!

Shaina said...

I've had moments like that, where I wished I could have someone else watch them for a day or two, but then I feel guilty for 'wanting' free time. (This too shall pass - babies under two take a lot of time and energy. I think Cael would entertain himself if Ky would leave him alone. I spend 2/3 of my day breaking up fights, and placing kids in timeout!