Miscellaneous Thursday

......because I feel like being random.


Tonight was a big night for Network TV - the return of Survivor, The Office, CSI, and Grey's Anatomy.  Seriously, how is a girl to choose?  My husband is a die-hard Survivor fan (since early college - the *first one* they had in Africa) So tonight was a (mandatory) 2 hour premiere, which is fine because I like it.  I only like parts actually - the drama of 'who should we vote out' sometimes bugs me, because, really? Do I need more arguing in my life? I referee a 3 and 1 year old all day - so the answer to that is no.  


If you want a nice chuckle go visit my friend Bekki's Blog.  Her son Michael is Cael's "Best Buddy" - they are in Sunday School and Preschool together.  For some strange reason, the powers that be decided to separate these boy for Awana.  Most likely someone who has had to watch these boys together before.  One of the reasons I love Bekki is because she's teaching Michael the anatomically correct names for his body parts.  While I think this is ABSOLUTELY the way to do it, I have a hard time using the right word for he 'little buddy' most of the time.  Anyways - Bek is new to blogging but doing a bang-up job, and is sure to provide interesting reads in the future.


I just decided to start featuring one of my friends blogs every week on here - Maybe more often if I run out of interesting things to say on my own.....


By the way - I am intrigued by the various persons who visit my blog!  I have a Map - that's right! I can see you!  And I know where my faithful commenters live.  There's many of you out there in Iowa, a few from Kansas, and a few less from Florida.  For a while there was 3 people from California on all the time.  Now only 1 of you.  I have had persons view this blog from as far off as Russia and the Ukraine!  Pretty sure I don't know anyone IN Kiev, but hey - that's fine!  All that to say, stop in and say HI every now and then.  :-) It's neighborly.


Why am I still up? I have a child who INSISTS on awaking before dawn everyday.  I should go to bed before 11:00.  It would make me more pleasant, I'm sure.


That's it for now.  Sweet dreams blog world!


Sarah said...

I wonder who all is reading my blog too. I have hits from all over the world and yet the only comments are the people I know. Shy internet folks I guess. Or they stumbled on the wrong site.

Kage Imagery said...

I Shaina! I read your blog from Minnesota :) I love it!