Chit Chat

I have always known that I talk a lot.  But I didn't realize how CONSTANT it was until this week.  These blisters in my mouth have made my mothering exponentially more difficult!  I found myself talking like I used to in Highschool when I had a retainer in, trying to protect my poor tongue from the backs of my teeth.  There have been a couple of positives to come out of this though:

1. Today is Day 3 of no POP.  This is amazing, as I RELY on my pop to get me through most days!!  But the Acid was too much for the owies, so I had to avoid it. I also avoided ALL chocolate and the chips and dip that I would have undoubtedly finished off by now.  

2. I couldn't yell at my kids.  Yes, yes, I know it is wrong to yell at your kids.  My mom almost NEVER raised her voice to me.  But I'm not like my mom.  And my kids are like me.  We are ALL FOUR very confrontational in this house.  No Stuffers here.  What we feel, we express. Openly.  Loudly.  I'm sure our neighbors think we are lovely people......  Anyways - On the worst day (Tuesday) everytime I spoke at all I had a stabbing pain shoot through my tongue.  So I would have to wait for Cael to quit pitching his fit, hold out my hand and beckon him to come hold it, THEN whisper through gritted teeth what his offense was and to go to time out.  It was good in that I could not resort to my old habits of just barking at them and had to handle them 'without emotion' - just logic.  Nice theory - much more difficult to practice...


In completely unrelated news: I am now planning a trip to Kansas in October.  Since September's trip was canceled, I am attempting to come back to do Lacey's 'real' Senior pics, and also little Graham's first photo shoot! I have 3 openings for portraits while I am there.

Also, for those following in Florida, I shall be headed your way as well!  I have received inquiries about coming to Florida to do family shoots as well as TTD shoots.  The dates are to-be-determined, but tentatively Spring Break, OR Summer 2009.  IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!   Please visit my site for pricing details.


Ok - time to sign off. The kids are climbing the walls and it's time for a grocery run.  Happy Thursday!

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