Tag Kansas - you're it!!

Ok - Seriously.  I MUST KNOW.  Who are you out there?  

Let's try a game - we'll all take turns filling in the blanks, ok?  I'll go first:

I'm Shaina. 
I live in Iowa 
I visit this blog because well, it's so well written, and you always say things I want to say but think is inappropriate most of the time. 
I'm a mom AND a Photographer too, so I can relate to you in more than one way!  
Even though there are times that you say things your husband would suggest you NOT say, I still like reading your blog. Keep up the blog work!


Ok, I tag Kansas first.  Don't make me list you by city.  Cause you know I will.


Tara said...

I'm Tara.
I live in Ontario Canada
I visit this blog because I've known you since high school and I love your photography skills. Plus, your a hoot, not like an owl, like a funny!
I'm a SAHM mom who is about start potty training her 2 yr old who also loves to take photos, but they don't always turn out too good!
Even though my photo skills suck and yours kick ass, I'm not jealous and still love your blog!

Sarah said...

I'm Sarah
I live in ElDorado Kansas
I visit this blog because I enjoy reading about your family and how you handle it all. Plus, You take rocking pictures. Double plus, I know you.
I'm a nature lover, mother, wife and so much more. I dream about being a pro photographer and a SAHM.
Even though we didn't hangout much in our younger days, I think we would/could have been good friends.

buttercup said...

I'm heather

i live in AZ

i visit this blog because i miss you and i know we could have been much closer friends if you would've had kids (not a baby)when we lived there. Also i love your authenticity!

I'm a wife, mom, teacher and more that I am slowly re-discovering

Even though I read your blog almost everyday i never comment-- all right I admit I'm a blog troll-- I actually follow many blogs-- and this is actually my very first post so you are way cool :)

a mom in transition from preschool to middle school

laceyanne said...

hi, i'm dori, uh i mean Lacey.

fish are friends..not food. =)

i visit this site bc you are stinkin hot are your kids are adorable and i want to kidnap them!

Anonymous said...

I'm Amy.
I live in CO
I visit this blog because you share my daughter's name (she is Shayna) and I found you on Flickr (find me here http://flickr.com/photos/20670891@N03/ or at http://www.truephotographyllc.wordpress.com) and I wanted to check out some of your work.

I'm a mom AND I work full time in marketing/sales AND I am a Photographer too> :)