Miscellaneous Monday 4

It's 8:43 PM and BOTH children are asleep in THEIR OWN BEDS.  This has NEVER happened.  (And is my husband here for some alone time with yours truly? No - he's not, of course. Murphy's Law.)  Anyways - how did this miracle of Miracles happen, you ask? Well, tonight, I laid down the law - before they got in bed we had this conversation:

Me: "Now, listen - tonight is a special night because you are BOTH going to sleep in YOUR OWN BEDS.  You can sleep next to mommy's bed but you will not be IN mommy's bed.  Cael, you have brand new sheets [sidenote - he got them for Christmas, but they were incentive to get PT'd] that have CARS (the movie) on them!!"

Cael: Whoa! Dat's so Cooooo(l)!!!

Me: I know! Get in and see if they are comfy!  *waits* Are they comfy?

Cael: YEAH! SO comfy!

Me: Good - ok here's what you can do: You can go to sleep in your new bed.  Here's what you CAN'T do: Scream, cry, get out of bed, talk to your brother or pull on the curtains. Got it?

Cael: Yes Momma.

Me: Good. I Love you. Nigh' night! [walks out]

Now - I should mention the following added effects: 
  1. Cael and Ky were both awake @ 6:30 this morning.  Devil.
  2. Cael missed his nap this afternoon for his ENT appointment - more on that in a minute
  3. I didn't put him down until 8:30 PM - I'm usually exhausted and demand they lay down by 7:00 PM
But maybe that's what it will take - get him completely exhausted, so he doesn't WANT to fight sleep, and then train him to sleep in his own bed. If this is successful, it will be the first time since he was nursing that he sleeps all night in his own bed.  Now the hard part - what will I cuddle with?  [Where's that stuffed dog he loves so much?]

Juilanne from Dancing with the Stars is way too freaking hot to be 19 or 20.  If I get any cash for my birthday the first few $$ are going towards the Dancing with the Stars workout video.  For real.


 I have been doing interval training for GGGs - and it's HELPING! I ran 2 miles tonight (dodging people, no less in COMPLETE DARKNESS) in 19:36!!  That's not my VERY best time (but it's good!), AND the cool thing is that I wasn't NEARLY as tired as I usually am.  Now, why were there random people scattered all over the track? Homecoming week, and the girls are out on the field (it's pitch black, mind you) practicing powder puff.  And there's a bunch of squirrely Middle schoolers messing around, and then parents start to line the fence to watch - in the dark???  When suddenly (at the end of lap 8) all the lights to the football stadium flood the track, exposing 'my running self' to half the HS!  Turns out it was practice, for the game @ 8:00. Tonight!  Needless to say my 3 mile run was cut short.... It's ok though.


[pausing to eat way too much chips and 7 Layer Taco Dip in lieu of real dinner, and entirely too late]


Ok - almost an hour later.  Time to shower and get some rest.  Hopefully tomorrow will be VERY PRODUCTIVE. :-) We shall see.........

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Sarah said...

Yeahhhh they are good boys!!!
Great job on the run, funny how they were all there in the dark, but you were too so I guess you are all crazy. ha ha.