So here's a word I do NOT love: Budget.  It gets my back up. It feels like when my mom said "Go clean your room." Or Dad said, "Go pull weeds!"

I guess I just don't like rules.  Rebellion always came a little too easily for me.  For example: I would intentionally wear giant hoop earrings to church where I know there are people who hate that.  I just can't resist making a few (little) waves.  Anyways - what were we talking about? Oh yes - the "b" word.

So when we made a Budget (I don't remember how long ago) and it included $30 per week for eating out, I ended up in trouble.  It seems like a lot.  It IS a lot.  But in reality, it's (only) exactly 1 and a half outings for our family of four - and that can't be anywhere fancy.  And this was back in the good 'ol days - sometime before Gas hit $3.00/gallon.  And I went over - every week. Without fail.

Fast forward to today - American Economic Crisis + Weird Government Bailout plan + semi-informed American Mom= slight freak-out and New budget for this household.  Only this time I decided to try something new.  Since limiting the amount of times I went out for fast food (since that didn't seem to work AT all) I decided to limit how much I would spend at each trip. Here's how it shook out:
  1. Our first trial run was @ Wendy's and I told Chad I wanted to keep it under $10. For all of us.  Our total that first trip was $10.68 or something like that.  
  2. We tried again last week at Wendy's and THIS time it was $9.53 (!!!!) I was pumped. 
  3. Today we decided to branch out and try Taco Bell.  And this is where we found our title for today's post. :-)  I could hardly believe it!! A Family of 4 eating out (and getting full) on $6.25.  And the best part was I got to throw the 'dishes' away as it were!
Now - do I love Taco Bell? No.  Not even a little.  But do I like Taco Bell MORE than I hate cooking on Sunday?  Yes - I think I do.  



buttercup said...

isn't that cool--outside the bun : ) Enjoy it while you can- cuz pretty soon they'll want to eat more and you'll be sick of taco bell by then... well, there's always quiznos mmm toasty. i wonder how much lunch costs at hy vee???

Sarah said...

It is cool they have a dollar menu like McDs. Stay strong girl and stick with the budget.