Tackle it Tuesday

Hmmm..... ok where to start?

First off - I have no pictures to SHOW you how AWESOME I did this week at getting control of this house.  I am lazy - that's all there is to it.  

Tackle it #1: The Laundry
I despise the vicious cycle that is housework.  Cyclical work makes me crazy.  I need work that has a goal that is attainable and has a finished product that is tangible.  I used to want to work in a shipping and receiving department somewhere, because once you were done (for the day) you could tell.  All the boxes that came in were empty and all the ones that went out were gone.  This is not how laundry works.  Especially my laundry.   I have a Papasan chair *right next to* my Dryer.  I call it "The World's Largest Laundry Basket".  The great thing is it can hold a lot. Like up to 10 loads of clean, dry clothing/towels.  The bad thing is can hold A LOT.  Like 10 loads of (clean, but) wrinkled, should-have-been-folded-last-week, clothes.  So, I got the laundry done this week - in as much as it can be considered 'done'.

Tackle it #2: The Office
This one is still ongoing, as I have yet to tackle the paperwork that was WITHIN the office.  But I removed a TON of junk that was out of place in there so that I don't have to be so embarrassed as to keep the door shut at all times.  Some stuff went to Salvation Army (Reverse Shopping!!) I even rearranged in there!

Tackle it #3: The (previously mentioned) MOUNTAIN of childrens clothing.
It took me a while and I already blogged this one, but it was such an accomplishment that I felt I should mention it again.  I went through all 15 tubs of their  clothing and reorganized by size and season, to get caught up.  I hadn't done that since Ky was 6-9 months old apparently.  It's still in limbo a little since we are switching between shorts and pants, hoodies and short sleeves.  But it's MUCH better than it was.

Tackle it #4: (THE BEST ONE) Cael and Potty-training.
Everyone keeps telling me that the second child will be easier.  They'd better be right - otherwise I will track them down and make them teach Ky.  I am so ready to be done with this disgusting phase.  Cael has been doing MUCH better, and I give partial (fine, half) of the credit to my husband for demanding we MAKE Cael wear undies, even when he does have accidents all the time.  (How does Kate do it?  I would have completely lost it by the time they were two if it was me.)  Anyways - this is about how GOOD Cael is doing.  I am no longer fearful to take him in public without a diaper on.  He'll tell me and be fine.  He has too much fun at preschool to want to stop and go potty, but other than that he's been doing pretty well all week.  Even dry at naptime. 

Tackle#5 Staying on top of the dishes.
This is something that ALWAYS gets away from me.  My kitchen can't stay clean for more than a day, it seems.  But so far, so good! It's been clean since Sunday night, and it's what? Like Tuesday afternoon! 

Future tackles will include my closet, the basement (maybe - I hate it down there), and the dreaded paperwork.  Oh and getting the boys to stay in their own beds all night. That's going to be a tough one.

Oh well - for now, high five me! I rocked it out this past week. Now, someone else tackle something and then link back here (in a comment) so I can see it.

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Brad, Ashley, and Emma said...

WAY TO GO!!! Reading all of your posts were seriously cracking me up. I miss you! I hope Cael keeps doing well with his big boy pants. Love ash walker