Cupcake diet.

So gas prices went up 14 cents between when Chad went to the pump yesterday morning and when I finally got there after dinner last night.  Why do I feel like that is NO big deal?  I was honestly relieved it wasn't over $4.00, since I had heard it was over $5.00 across the river in Illinois. (Not sure how much truth there was to that.)  Time will tell I guess. Trip is still tentative at the moment.

What else.... Oh yes - the cupcakes.  Here's the good and bad of Anna's Cupcakes.  They are chocolate cupcakes with a chocolate cream cheese frosting, that are pumped full of either Strawberry or Raspberry cream.  She created the recipe for them herself, and is keeping it top secret!  She also made a yellow cake/vanilla type cupcake with cream cheese frosting as well.  This is all great, you say?  Yes it is except for 1 little thing:

1 cupcake = 1 pound gained.  Truly.  (I have had 3 since acquiring the cupcakes last night.)  

I'm still getting a dozen for my birthday.  And probably another pair of spanx.  


Sarah said...

Ok, my mouth started drooling when I read your title. Cupcakes are the devil. I can't be around them. and yours had filling. Oh my!!!

Lion Dusti said...

I still really want cupcakes! I need a sweet fix pronto! :-)