Friday and Kansas Update

So it's looking more and more like I might get to come to Kansas - and it would be in a week! Honestly my biggest fear right now is gas prices. Hurricane Ike looks to bring certain (and MAJOR) damage to the Texas coastline. And if gas goes up by a $1/gallon I'm not sure I'll make the trip. I'll keep you posted though. (I still have 2 slots open, too.)

This morning my eyes flew open at 6:00 and I could NOT get back to sleep. It's so irritating because for once the boys didn't wake me. In fact they are still asleep! (Though I expect to hear their pitter pattering very soon.) *yawn* Gonna be a long day.

To Do:
Baths for boys
Breakfast, brush teeth, get dressed (x 3)
Get Cael off to Preschool (Thanks Libby!)
Mops Meeting from 9:30-11:30
Something at noon..... forgetting what though
Lunchtime, and nap (x 3)
Do Jessica's hair for Homecoming Court (YEAH!!)
Dinner, Pj's for boys
Head to Anna's to photograph cupcakes (mmmm)
Home to sit on couch and eat cupcakes all night :-)

T - 20 minutes until lift off for today.... Have a good weekend blogworld!


Sarah said...

Go get-em! I need to do more to do lists.

chad said...

You are funny babe. I love you. Have a good day. We should hook up sometime.


Lion Dusti said...

I was just thinking yesterday I wanted cupcakes. :-) lucky you!