I'm tired.  I finally got a handle on the Laundry.  I'm going to start blogging Tackle it Tuesdays one of these days. Not tonight though.  Today I :
  • Did MOUNTAINS of laundry - which I will blog about later - not that anyone cares about that.
  • Got caught up on Bring the Rain' s blog - and cried. a LOT.
  • Got everything ready for my big DGL leader meeting tomorrow for MOPS.
  • Worked like MAD on Lindsay's Album, which I  am obsessing over, but only because I want it to be perfect.  Plus I am still relatively new to this album, design thing. It's not as easy as some people (eh hem, Yours Truly) might think.
  • played with my kids, went to town, hung out with my husband and thought about taking a nap, but didn't get the chance.
Tomorrow I will:
  • have my big first meeting of the season
  • have a smaller meeting at my house after, for which I still need to vacuum and clean the toilet, and do the dishes. MANY THANKS to my sweet Husband for watching the boys all day, keep them out of my hair AND sweeping the floor for me. HUGE help.  If you know him and see him, tell him what a great guy he is.  I'm blessed.
  • make a BIG awesome cake
  • Go to Mops and Pops outdoor movie night
  • get up Saturday to run my SECOND race ever, since high school cross country.  Sarah R (Well fine - Sarah D) used to run XC with me.
Ok - for real - too much to do. Must go to bed. Sleep tight, internet - I'll see you tomorrow night. And if I don't Happy LONG weekend!


Sarah said...

I have followed Bring the Rain for a long time. I pretty much cry everytime I read it too. They are an amazing family.

You go girl, getting your stuff done! Oh and yes I remember well our Cross Country days. I wish I could still run 5 miles like we did in practice. Maybe that is something I can work towards. ;)

Good luck on your race.

Sarah said...

You betcha! I will stick with you! I really love your blogging ambition! Very Proud of you!

Lion Dusti said...

Wow. thanks for a huge tear-fest. (I followed the link...) How did you both know about Bring on the Rain? This is the site I've been following with prayers and little sob-fests: http://thelauers03.blogspot.com/ If I ever had to endure anything like what these families have, I doubt I would have the strength to turn that experience into a ministry. They inspire me and amaze me. It really gives you a new perspective.

Very deep thinking for a Friday morning! man.

Glad you're being productive and things are going well. Enjoy the long weekend. :-)