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I am learning that, as much I try to make my identity NOT be all about my kids, they still are a HUGE part of it.  They occupy all but 2-3 of my waking hours.  Kyran's  is ALWAYS the first voice I hear in the morning.  Usually before 6:30.  (He did not get any 'early-rising' genes from me OR his father.  Must be a latent trait, which passed over both of us).  They are in my face, on my lap, eating my food and terrorizing my house.  They are too young to appreciate all my hard work, to the point that I wonder WHY I even bother washing their clothes or picking up their toys.  And even though it makes me crazy, I love it.  I miss them when I FINALLY get a hour to myself, to run, or go to the store alone.  I want to snug them at night when they are laying so still, and you can see the baby in their face.  So like it or not, Parents Magazine, my identity IS my kids at this stage in my life.  

I want to know HOW that translates into my photography. And since my photography IS influenced by MY style, I need to know what THAT is exactly.  When I think of terms to describe myself these days I don't love all those that come to mind: Chronically tired. Frequently inspired by an alternative state of mind. Impatient. Motivated to stay 'on time.'  Boring. Predictable. Consistent. 

Another way to determine what your style is (so I am told) is by the clothes you wear.  Or in my case what I would like to wear.  
  • I'm a jeans and T-shirt girl, but I like hot shoes.  I try to always wear a heel when I am not in my mom uniform.  That says: Classic, with a dash of Hot.
  • I like purses that stand on their own. I remember my mom dumping her whole purse on the table, grabbing the essentials from the pile and shoving them in a different color bag - one that matched her shoes.  That's too much work for me.  So we can add 'lazy' to the words that describe me, but that's par for the course with artists I think.  
  • I'm into vintage looks, with a glamourous twist.  

Let's do my furniture.  
  • My couch - a khaki colored, 3 piece sectional says: Practical. Comfortable. Durable.
  • Bedroom group - Low profile, dark wood frame with leather headboard on bed.  White sheets, comforter, curtains.  6 blue and brown throw pillows - none of which match each other. This says: Modern. Clean. ?? Not sure what the brown and blue says.  
  • Dining room - Antique Oak dining room table, with "borrowed" chairs, that match quite well.  NOT what I would buy, but hey - it was free.  IF I had my way,  like maybe for my anniversary, this November, I would have a Dark wooden table, rectangular, with white, or cream MICROSUEDE chairs, that have wooden legs.  OR All wooden chairs, that had clean lines and NO x's. (Again, there's the practical side)  So that would be Modern with a hint of Traditional. And chic. I think.
I don't know.  Anyone else care to analyze me?


Sarah said...

We are full time mommies right now! On top of everything else, and it is what defines us. We know we love it. ;)

All this post was missing was pictures. I love your descriptions of yourself and of your house.

Sarah said...

I really enjoy the new look into who you are! I love your pics to... but looking at the woman behind the pics is sure fun!